The residence of the famous marshal of France is built on the banks of the river Besbre. Since 1430 the castle has been the property of the Chabannes family. The ceiling of the 16th century golden salon, in Renaissance style, is considered unique in Europe. It is composed of perfectly symmetrical wooden diamond shapes, painted and plated with gold leaf. The space also features 16th century tapestries.

The chapel where the Chabannes family has been buried since 1453 dates from the flamboyant Gothic period and houses the gisant (15th century) of Jacques 1er de Chabannes and his wife, Anne de Lavieu.

The castle also exhibits a unique collection of nation flags.


Practical information
Guided tours of the castle from Wednesday to Monday (1 April to 1 November).

Free visit to the park from Wednesday to Monday (1 April to 1 November).


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