Butte de Suin:

A viewpoint not to be missed. The summit of the Suin hill is 593 meters high. From there, you have a magnificent 360 degree panorama. You can see the Charolais to the west, the Clunysois to the east, the Mont Saint-Cyr and the foothills of the Beaujolais to the south,… The hill was a fortified site from the Celtic period until the 16th century. On a clear day, you can see the whole plain of the Saône, up to the Alps and the Mont Blanc.

Mont Dardon :

The summit, located in the Charolais, is a summit of the Morvan. From its summit, which reaches 506 meters, one can see, among others, Mount Beuvray, Uchon, Mont-Saint-Vincent, and, on a clear day, Mount Blanc. Since 1855, the three crosses on the summit point their arms towards the three parishes of Issy-l’Évêque, Uxeau and Sainte-Radegonde. The summit was inhabited at the time of the Gauls, and sheltered in the 10th century a chapel, today disappeared.

Puy Saint Ambroise :

The Puy Saint-Ambroise dominates the plateaus of the Sologne Bourbonnaise. At an average altitude of 436m, it offers a vast panorama, in the North on the Morvan, in the South-East on the mounts of Lyonnais, and in the South-West on the chain of Puys and the massif of Sancy.