EuroVelo 6, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, runs through Digoin and is one of the most popular cycling routes, which is not surprising: coasts, rivers, castles and little altitude difference make this 4,450 km long route ideal for every cyclist.


From 2004 to 2006, 18 French, German and Swiss partners joined forces to set up the western part of this route, from the Atlantic Ocean to Ulm. The idea is to follow the course of the three largest European rivers, melting pots of European civilisation: the Loire, the Rhine and the Danube. The famous routes along the Loire and the Danube are known by cyclists from all over the world for good reason. In France you can taste the best wines after a ride through the vineyards. In Vienna you will visit the most beautiful museums and in Serbia you will experience the hospitality of the locals!

4 450 km
11 UNESCO classified sites
6 European rivers
10 countries visited

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