Our favourite bike rides in the immediate vicinity of Maison Le Garochet:

  • Digoin – Uxeau – Sainte-Radegonde – Vendenesse-sur-Arroux – Gueugnon
    60km – 640m elevation – time estimate 2h30


  • Digoin – Rigny-sur-Arroux – Saint-Vincent-Bragny – Château de Digoine – Palinges – Oudry – Clessy – Rigny-sur-Arroux
    50km – 477m elevation – time estimate 2 hours


  • Digoin – Paray-Le-Monial – Charolles – Poisson – Saint-Yan
    74km – 469m elevation – time estimate 3 hours


  • Le Donjon – Montaiguët-En-Forez – Bert – Saint-Léon
    54km – 754m elevation – time estimate 2h30

Interesting link with nice bike tours : veloenfrance.fr

Other tours for cyclists, trek cyclists or mountain bikers:

There are almost 1000 km of signposted and secured routes in Burgundy, most of which are part of the main route “Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ®”. They exists out of green ways and bike routes, usually on towpaths along canals, but also on old railways, small farm roads or paths through vineyards.

In Burgundy, river tourism and bicycle tourism go hand in hand. The many kilometers of towpaths along rivers and canals that are open to (tourist) shipping now form cycle paths. On the idyllic shores of the water, on the Voie Bleue along the Saône or along the Loire cyclists and skippers meet each other.

Route descriptions and practical information on www.la-bourgogne-a-velo.com.